About ReadyBase

We help companies build better dev teams.

We want to make the process of building well oiled dev teams as flawless as possible. We provide all the services companies need to build, craft, and augment they're engineering resources.

Core Values

  • Self-Employed

  • Change the Game

  • Always Be Learning

  • 2 Parts Confidence,
    1 Part Humility

Leadership Team

  • Eamon Baghern


    Eamon leads up core operations at ReadyBase and occasionally does tech team consulting. His background is largely in startups, digital agencies, and engineering team overhauls. He’s been in some form of consulting for about 6 years and knows the pros and cons of freelancing and contracting first-hand. You’ll see Eamon at your nearby Starbucks picking up a grande latte three to four times a day. Eamon is (probably) the only person at ReadyBase that has a personal budget dedicated to coffee.

  • Matt Mohieddin


    Matt is a full-stack software developer at ReadyBase. With over a decade of experience building software on both native and web platforms, Matt leads the development and architecture of all our internal tools. If that isn’t enough of a full-time job, he also jumps in to help our clients bring their creative dreams to life. Matt is mechanically inclined by nature and can fix almost anything. Car problems? He’s got you covered! Need some help with your plumbing? Matt’s your guy!

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