Start Hiring Contractors

Imagine a workforce that is on-demand, scalable, and can be moved around or re-apportioned at a moment’s notice. That’s our vision of the new, modern workforce.

We think businesses should run using a strategic core team; and then utilize contractors to complete all the tactical work. It forces the core team to create good process, allows risk-taking on new ventures without fear of layoffs, and makes business decisions investment-based instead of resource allocation.

For the contractor: we want to provide all the liberties of freelancing without all the drawbacks. Look: all that energy spent finding the next paycheck and chasing invoices is time-consuming and emotionally draining. ReadyBase wants to be able to take that piece of work off a contractor’s plate and focus-in on what they set out to contract for: for a worry-free lifestyle and working on what they love.

Core Values: The Drivers of How We Work

Self-employed mentality

Self-employed Mentality

Don’t just do the work. Crush it.

Change the game

Change the Game

If the game can’t be won, change the game until it can be.

Always be learning

Always Be Learning

There’s always more to learn and further to grow. Learning is a lifelong journey.

Be humble

2 Parts Confidence, 1 Part Humility

Grow confident in your ability, and keep the ego in check.