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Eamon headshot

Eamon Baghern

Managing Partner

Eamon leads up core operations at ReadyBase and occasionally does tech team consulting. His background is largely in startups, digital agencies, and engineering team overhauls. He’s been in some form of consulting for about 6 years and knows the pros and cons of freelancing and contracting first-hand. You’ll see Eamon at your nearby Starbucks picking up a grande latte three to four times a day. Eamon is (probably) the only person at ReadyBase that has a personal budget dedicated to coffee.

Matthew headshot

Matthew Wallace

Managing Partner

A Managing Partner at ReadyBase, Matthew leads up our integrated partnerships and business development. He has been a self-employed software engineer for more than a decade. He managed to self teach and learn how to utilize his skills for developing enterprise software for companies such as Riot Games, Coca-Cola, Ramsey Solutions,, and many others. His passion is to help software engineers become great problem solvers that can help meet both client and user needs, and drive them to grow in their skills and passion.

Sarah headshot

Sarah Hecht

Operations Manager

Sarah is not a software developer, but she does play one on TV! As our amazing Operations Manager, Sarah will be the first to answer an email or pick up the phone, but the last to give you approval for an unnecessary office purchase. Sarah is a New Yorker who moved south for cheaper rent and better BBQ, but she desperately misses Long Island beaches. Sarah is always available for our clients and developers, but don’t you dare say anything positive about southern bagels—it won’t end well.

Matt headshot

Matt Mohiedddin

Staff Software Engineer

Matt is a full-stack software developer at ReadyBase. With over a decade of experience building software on both native and web platforms, Matt leads the development and architecture of all our internal tools. If that isn’t enough of a full-time job, he also jumps in to help our clients bring their creative dreams to life. Matt is mechanically inclined by nature and can fix almost anything. Car problems? He’s got you covered! Need some help with your plumbing? Matt’s your guy!

Collin headshot

Collin Smith

Software Engineer

Collin is among our many talented engineers. Starting his career in exercise science, by 2016 he had fallen in love with the web, taught himself how to build dynamic websites, and hasn’t looked back. Collin loves taking a design and bringing it to life through beautiful code. His favorite front-end frameworks are React and Vue, and he claims “Linux ‘til I die.” Collin and his wife Sarah have a puppy named Molly, who’s a miniature Schnauzer and Yorkie mix, and a baby on the way. He lived overseas during the earliest years of his childhood, but he’s born and raised in the USA. Faith, family, and fitness are three of the main joys in Collin’s life.

Chance headshot

Chance Strickland

Senior Talent Manager

As our Senior Talent Manager, Chance’s main role is making sure that our developers are plenty and extremely happy with their work. He leads our recruiting and onboarding processes, and sees to it that our talented people are matched up with the right customers. Before joining ReadyBase, Chance was a contract designer and software developer with a long background in the agency world. His greatest love is the diverse world we get to live in, so he spends as much time traveling the globe as he can. He enjoys backpacking, running, playing drums, and a million other hobbies he wishes he had more time for.

Jon headshot

Jon Walker

Senior Software Engineer

Jon is a self-taught programmer and Nashville native. Having equal experience in both back- and front-end web architecture, he’s pretty quick to volunteer for a new challenge. While he’s not programming, he’s usually found stalking and reeling in fish all around the country.